Dating and ex boyfriends friend reviews

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Women can browse reviews or write their own by identifying their relationship with the person, from crush to ex-boyfriend. While men who want their review removed can opt out by contacting Lulu, most reaction to the app seems less focused on guy-bashing and more focused on the absurdity of all of it.

Each of us have our personal “stumbling blocks” in the way of places we (used to) frequent, habits we have established, and friends we have made which can take us away our focus of following and serving God.

I have pictures of trips to Europe and various other vacation places and holidays that I would not be wiling to throw away either.

I think the issue here is the involvement of some of these men in her life and perhaps what they still mean.

She realizes she made mistakes with these men in the past, and when I felt we were headed toward marriage, I asked her to remove any semblance of past relationships physically and from her heart – for my sake.

She has fought me on every side on this issue for years.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to have photos of past relationships on display, but trying to wipe out all of the past and reminders of any previous relationship may also rid a person of the positive lessons learned through those experiences and a part of who they are today.

Previous friendships can be maintained after marriage; however it takes boundaries and trust on all parties to make it work. I think some of your girlfriend's answers display a growing maturity in her walk with the Lord.

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I also sense you may be suffering with some trust issues.

If you are seriously heading towards marriage and can’t fully believe in her now, you may need to reevaluate your relationship. Relationships are give and take, never a one-sided proposition, and each must work together to find common ground and understanding. A photo, gift or even a friend from the past has no bearing on a current relationship unless romantic value is placed on them.

I just saw a picture she still keeps that her ex took of her (she says she absolutely loves it because of vanity; because of the way her hair, nails and slim figure look in the photo).