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5800–3000 BC, it is traditionally accepted that the city was founded by Achaeans from the Peloponnese after the Trojan War.

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The earliest document which mention Kyrenia is the ‘Periplus of Pseudo Skylax' It dates to the thirteenth century but is based on fourth-century BC knowledge.

Kyrenia together with Paphos, Soloi, Tremethousa and Salamis are marked by a pictogram showing two towers close together.

Kyrenia is connected by a road via Lapithos and Soli with Paphos and via Chytri (Greek Kythraea, Turkish Deirmenlik) with Salamis.

Through the use of milestones during Roman times, a new source appeared which shows that the road circuit around the island was completed.

Kyrenia was connected via Soli and Paphos to the western and southern part of the island.

Kyrenia is a cultural and economical centre, described as the touristic capital of Northern Cyprus.

It is home to numerous hotels, nightlife and a port.

The city's population was almost equally divided between Muslims and Christians in 1831, with a slight Muslim majority.

However, with the advent of British rule, many Turkish Cypriots fled to Anatolia, and the town came to be predominantly inhabited by Greek Cypriots.

A judge’s decision on the case, tried in court last month, is pending.

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It is nearly seven metres long and one metre wide and shows the road network in the Roman Empire of the 4th/5th century.