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He took one look at Stewart's face and busted out laughing. On behalf of the faculty and all of your teachers, congratulations," he said with a big smile.

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"Todd and Danny are in the room right next to ours, and Stewart and Travis are in the other one.

Now that he was thinking back on it, the whole thing had been pretty shallow. The whole time that they were together she had kept her eyes on other things and the moments of attention that he received were not much to speak of. He rolled over and stared at the door for a few seconds. "Come on, we've got to hustle or we'll be late," he said. "The dealer deals everybody two cards and then we bet.

It had really been a stupid high school crush that was more about status than love. Nick put his fingers on his temples and squeezed his eyes shut. Then the dealer turns over three cards that everybody can see.

Sandy had shoulder length brunette hair with a really pretty face. "I need you all to get back to your original seats and get your crap together. They passed a wooden sign that read, "Westwood Falls: 1 mile". " squealed Nicole as she gripped Nick's arm tighter. " Nick glanced at the trees rolling by and smiled down at his girlfriend. This is going to be an awesome vacation." He leaned over and slapped Jeremy's arm. We could be with all the other losers at school taking exams! Too late, kids started piling out of both the front and back doors of the bus. It took a few minutes for everybody to get their things gathered next to the bus.

The bus kicked up gravel as it wound its way up the path to the top of the mountain. It was definitely going to be a long two weeks for him.

"My intuition tells me that my twin sister won't be late and that if I don't want to look like the bad twin, then I should probably not get into trouble so soon." Jeremy threw a pillow at him. Everybody already knows that you're the bad twin," he said with a grin. You're trying to make a poker hand based on your cards and what's on the table." Nick explained.

"No sir, I do believe that you're confusing "bad" with "older". "Then we bet again and the dealer flips another card. I've never played this kind, but I know what the hands are and I know how to bet." Nick dealt again and he looked up smugly after he'd seen his cards. "My hand's not worth that," said Sandy as she folded her cards. I like my hand, so I'll call your raise," said Jeremy. Nick flipped over the first three cards on the table.Jeremy lay on the bed and grabbed the schedule that Mr. "Hey, according to this we're supposed to meet at the dining room for dinner in ten minutes." "Ten minutes? I'm going to go tell the guys that we'll have to wait until later to do the Halo thing," said Nick as he headed for the door. He had played football and she had been a cheerleader.He smiled at how stereotypical their relationship had been.We've got three Xboxes and I brought all the stuff to set up the link between our rooms." Jeremy nodded, but his mind wasn't really on playing games. For a second I didn't think we'd be able to hook up the Xbox," he said with obvious relief.He set his bag on the bed and took a look around the room. "Does Nicole ever get pissed that you play that thing so much?Jeremy shook his head and walked past him toward the dining room. After dinner they were told that they were free to enjoy some discretionary time until lights out. Sometimes we just need to grieve longer." "I wouldn't say that I loved her..." "Maybe not in the marrying kind of way, but we all love the people that we date on some level. She cuddled against his arm and put her head on his shoulder. The next morning after breakfast, Nick grabbed Jeremy's arm as they were headed back to their cabin. "Yeah, let me go take a shower real quick and I'll be over there." Jeremy showered and hurried back to the dining room. Jeremy stared at the cards and tried to figure out what Nick had. " shouted Nick as he stood up from his chair and turned his cards over.

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