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Jeremy shook his head and walked past him toward the dining room. After dinner they were told that they were free to enjoy some discretionary time until lights out. Sometimes we just need to grieve longer." "I wouldn't say that I loved her..." "Maybe not in the marrying kind of way, but we all love the people that we date on some level. She cuddled against his arm and put her head on his shoulder. The next morning after breakfast, Nick grabbed Jeremy's arm as they were headed back to their cabin. "Yeah, let me go take a shower real quick and I'll be over there." Jeremy showered and hurried back to the dining room. Jeremy stared at the cards and tried to figure out what Nick had. " shouted Nick as he stood up from his chair and turned his cards over. Nick took the opportunity to hurry back for his game of Halo and Jeremy decided to go upstairs to see what the recreation room looked like. " "I know, I know..." he was cut off as a few people made their way in front of the screen and sat down on the couch next to them. " "Football was alright, but I was ready for it to be over." "If it's not too much to say, I noticed that this was the first year that you didn't really try to date anyone," she said. I guess that it wasn't high on my priorities." "Do you miss Ashley? "You ever feel like you're so hurt that you never want to trust again, but at the same time deep inside you're so lonely," she whispered. "Yeah." Suddenly the lights turned on and someone yelled, "Hey! "Hey, a few of us want to play a poker game in the dining hall in about twenty minutes. Most of the other players had already sat down and Nick had already divided the playing chips. He couldn't see anything that threatened his cards. "It looks like I've got you this time," said Jeremy as he showed his three tens.

There was a meeting area upstairs above the dining hall and there were small game rooms off to the side with table tennis and billiards. The designated "boys" cabins were on the east side of the lodge and the "girls" cabins were located on the west side."Dude, we're going to set up a Halo game in our cabin as soon as we're unpacked," said Nick gesturing to his bag."Todd and Danny are in the room right next to ours, and Stewart and Travis are in the other one. He took one look at Stewart's face and busted out laughing. On behalf of the faculty and all of your teachers, congratulations," he said with a big smile. Jeremy gripped his bag and made room for Stewart to slide in next to him. I'll have to admit that we set the score pretty high to win this trip and I didn't think that so many of you would step up the plate.He pushed aside the bag that he was using for a pillow. Karl had probably told another one of his retarded jokes. "Maybe I'm not as excited about it as you are." "What's there not to be excited about? That was almost a year ago and you've been moping way too much."Jeremy grunted and turned around. "Good, now that we got that part out of the way, I need you all to line up to get your room keys." The kids formed a rough line and silently received their room assignments.

"Dude, how can you be sleeping when we're wasting our last days as seniors? You're getting into a way better college then I am." "Just ignore him, Nick," said Nicole from where she was sitting next to her boyfriend. Nick leaned over the back of his seat, "Dude, you've had lots of chances to hook up with someone this year. Jeremy was sharing a room with Nick and they both grabbed their bags and made their way toward the boy's section of the lodge.Jeremy's head jerked as the bus bounced over another bump in the road. Don't think that just because you made it that you are entitled to stay here and participate in what we have planned.There was no way that he was going to be able to get any sleep. You can be sent home just as quickly as you got here. " He was answered by nodding heads and a few muffled, "Yes Sir's". I know you've probably heard it all before, but there are lots of cool girls out there and you'll find someone that'll make you forget all about Ashley. Jeremy turned back around and stared at the front of the bus. "I expect you all to behave like you are still in school, because you ARE." He paused to emphasize the last word. She briskly boxed Nick's ear before looking down at Jeremy. We have things organized for the time that we're here, and we do have rules." He paused and met a few eyes.Jeremy lay on the bed and grabbed the schedule that Mr. "Hey, according to this we're supposed to meet at the dining room for dinner in ten minutes." "Ten minutes? I'm going to go tell the guys that we'll have to wait until later to do the Halo thing," said Nick as he headed for the door. He had played football and she had been a cheerleader.

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