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Able dating 2 4 new demo - dating who should pay

It had people immediately up in arms disappointed because I am not preggo! I was beyond honored to be able to take my sis-in-law’s maternity photos a few weeks ago.I had so much fun and loved the time I was able to spend with her.

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Actually, I can believe it, but a lot of our kitchen renovations have been done for quite sometime, and I wish I would have posted the results sooner.But it is sure awfully close :) Instead of writing an entire step-by-step post on what all we did, I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking. It was starting to come together and I was on cloud 9.It was INSANE what just getting rid of those green counters did for the whole kitchen.I cannot thank him enough for showing his love for me everyday by painting the most awkward places I didn’t want to paint— like underneath the cabinets.We used a primer Benjamin Moore carries called “Prime Lock Interior Alkyd Primer/Sealer” And we used Benjamin Moore’s cabinet paint “Advance” in Balboa Mist.Now, for some people this would not be a big deal; however, I, on the other hand, did not even begin TRYING to LEARN how to do this until about a week before …and didn’t really think much more about it until the night before… and when you get an energized 4 year old in a not-so-well it- room, it is not really possible to get her to sit still “enough”…and to take her picture without a flash and without her having four arms is even harder .

oops :/ On top of all that, I was PLANNING of taking all the pictures outside, where [for me] shooting manually is MUCH easier. So, I just tried my darndest to make good pictures…on a cloudy day.. aaaaanyhow, all of that was justa reminder to all of us to be persistant. As most of you know, Josh and I are in the works of buying a house!

I am confident I want to paint the cabinets before we get new counter tops…

but I am not even close to making a decision on if I want to go black—— or white!

Some of my favorite black cabinet kitchens include: I love the green too :) and the shelves!

via Kiki’s List (above) again with the shelves Okay so I quickly learned that I cannot use “Bun in the oven” as my blog title. No, this blog is not about me, but instead about my handsome nephew and his beautiful momma.

The bay window goes all the way upstairs and is in a beautiful guest bedroom.

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