Able dating 2 4 new demo

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Able dating 2 4 new demo

It had people immediately up in arms disappointed because I am not preggo! I was beyond honored to be able to take my sis-in-law’s maternity photos a few weeks ago.I had so much fun and loved the time I was able to spend with her.

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I am leaning towards white [today] but we will see how long that lasts.

This “shoot,” if I may call it that, was beyond a challenge for me for several reasons.

First off, I had made up my mind I was going to take the whole thing manually. Challenge #3, which is probably my favorite one, [if that even is possible] was that my sis already has the most BEAUTIFUL bundle of joy ever with a ton of energy!

This is Jackson and I believe it he 5 days old in this picture. :) Just to get into perspective how tiny he is, this is my hubby ‘s hand He was under the lights for jaundice so he’s rockin a newborn tan. If I play may cards right I might be lucky enough to capture some newborn photos while he is still teeeny. Update: I decided not to backsplash the kitchen right away… I may go picture shopping and choose my paint based on it… All I know is the sink and toilet are more of an ivory color, so I am avoiding white. We are in our condo until the end of March, so we requested the closing date to be mid-march.

That also explains the heart shaped velcro on his face. I want to make sure I am in LOVE with whichever stone and color I choose and I just cannot rush that. I would love a bold color because the rest of the downstaris will be pretty nuetral. Although we are not in it yet, I am already planning away.

I am confident I want to paint the cabinets before we get new counter tops…

but I am not even close to making a decision on if I want to go black—— or white!I also have to decide if I want to try to tackle it myself, or hire someone…. Anyways, we are also investing in new granite countertops and a sink, but I cannot pick those until I pick my cabinet colors.There is so much inspiration out there I am definitely NOT at a loss for ideas.As you can see in the previous post, I had several decisions to make: what to paint the cabinets and the walls, what hardware, appliances, and granite to install, what backsplash to choose, etc… As you may have seen, it looked a little something like this when we first bought it: , A mess, yes. We lived awhile with it like this: Okay, maybe not that messy (that was a work day) but yes, we did live a few months without drywall!We are still working on the appliances, although we have gotten a new refrigerator and sink (which I lo OOve) since we moved in, so I cannot say the kitchen is DONE. We are very busy people and most of the time we chose to go out on the lake instead of work on the kitchen—sad but true :) And one fine day, we put our drywall/backer-board back up and got our countertops installed by Heartland Granite.I can tell she is so happy with her growing family and that brings me joy :) Now, let me just go ahead and get a disclaimer out early on: I am not a photographer…

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