Creative online dating username

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Creative online dating username

Telling a quick story about yourself is a great way of doing this, and again, it will give people lots of clues about your lifestyle.

It is the colour of love and passion and has been proven to be a draw for men.Choose an appropriate username and headline You should ideally choose a username which is “on brand” – that is, one that showcases your lifestyle or your interests.So rather than Amanda_73, you might choose Amanda Loves Cakes.Choose the right dating site You’re reading this on Guardian Soulmates’ blog, so I’m guessing it’s safe for me to assume you’ve signed up to the right dating site to attract professionals!Saskia Nelson is the talent behind the multi award-winning and internationally acclaimed dating profile service Hey Saturday."Those already registered should update the profile.

Since online daters don’t use their actual names in their profile, coming up with a memorable screen name is essential.

If you love walking around the South Bank or along the river at weekends, include some photos that show you doing just that.

Show the viewer what your life looks like offline wherever possible.

So, skip the usual handles like “nicesinglegirl” or “harry123” and go for something more provocative.

You want someone to feel compelled to take a closer look.

It’s descriptive, easy to remember and will give them something to talk about in their opening email if need be.

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