Updating your applications infrastructure

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Updating your applications infrastructure - Free nude camchat

Paa S also provides features that are specifically meant for applications, including the ability to scale the application tier up based upon the user demand of the application.In most platforms, this happens with little-to-no interaction from the developer.

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Con: You need system administration knowledge or a team of system administrators to maintain the system(s), since you are responsible for their uptime and security.

With a click of a button, you can spin up virtual machines hosted by a provider with an operating system of your choice.

The vendor providing the machine is responsible for the connectivity and initial provisioning of the system, and you are responsible for everything else.

With manual scaling, you specify that you want the application to scale up to handle increased traffic when you know you have an upcoming event that will increase application demand.

For example, if you know that you are going to be running a marketing campaign to attract more users to your application, you might want to proactively add additional servers to your cluster.

With the Saa S platform, everything is provided for you except the users and the application data.

The vendor provides the application code and the developer has limited access to modify the software in use.However, as a developer you need to be aware of the types of scaling offered and when it makes sense to scale horizontally or vertically.Vertical scaling refers to a type of scaling that has been the default choice for decades.As a developer, you probably hear a lot about new technologies that promise to increase the speed at which you can develop software, as well as ones that can increase the resiliency of your applications once you have deployed them.Your challenge is to wade through these emerging technologies and determine which ones actually hold promise for the projects that you are currently working on.Paa S is a fairly new technology stack that runs on top of Iaa S and was created with the developer in mind.

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