Dating scams on facebook

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Dating scams on facebook

It messes with their minds if they don't know why you walked away.

He has told me that there is a lot he has not told me about the will and the estates. I have told him that I will help him as much as I feel comfortable with but I will never send him money or do anything that involves bank accounts. He has my phone number and said he has tried calling me a few times. He has never emailed me outside of Facebook, although he does know my gmail address since we have chatted. The attention is flattering and I keep thinking well maybe it's just a coincidence he is on an oil rig like so many scammers. My information on the internet is very transparent. I have 5000 friends on FB and yes noticed a few of the photos here on my friends list, which I promptly blocked.

He had no other family but his Grandmother in London. No doubt its a scammer but you haven't quite proven it yet. But, I am concerned that this might get back to him being that it is a public forum. Although there is no doubt that you're dealing with a scammer, if it will make you more comfortable post his details in our Pending section, which is hidden from Google.

Post an email address and somebody else may be able to find the IP Meanwhile, stop all contact and ask your friends to as well, anything you or your friends tell him could help him to scam somebody else. From there we'll get the absolute proof that you want.

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL He works on an oil rig. He is going to Florida in 2 weeks and then will be going on a leave.

He is planning to come and see me the second week of December. At first it was more telling me I'm beautiful, Then he started up with the baby, hun, and other pet names.

I had been told it came out about a month ago but he was telling her it was coming out the following week.

I confronted him about this, and told him this other person was a friend of mine, and he should try and get his story straight.I told him not to call me those kinds of names because it was too premature. He thinks he is in love with me but I have told him that you can't fall in love with someone you have never met in person. I have been a bit suspicious about him from early on. And, he had an outlandish story about his parents dying in a car crash last Spring.He is an only child and was left to deal with his father's companies and the estates. However, I felt he was going to when he told me that he was really worried about his Grandmother and that she was running low on money and he was having trouble getting money to her.She said another FB friend of his emailed her and said she was skeptical and was not sure if his pics were really of him. I have unfriended him on Facebook 3-4 times over my suspicions.I told him I heard he was writing similar emails and he said I was wrong. A week ago I had a friend of mine friend him and he started flirting with her and told her a different story about the will.He had no other family but his Grandmother in London. I guess one day she had to be hospitalized and I thought ok, this is it, he is going to ask me to send him money.