Dating scams on facebook

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Dating scams on facebook

He had no other family but his Grandmother in London. I guess one day she had to be hospitalized and I thought ok, this is it, he is going to ask me to send him money.

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Confrontation alerts scammers & makes them change their identities...which makes all your hard work outdated.

He told me he did not know her well so he mentioned it only to see if she would be interested in him for him, rather than his money.

He told me he flirted with her because he thought he had no chance with me. Said he felt like a tool and that I should not play with his emotions like this.

She said another FB friend of his emailed her and said she was skeptical and was not sure if his pics were really of him. I have unfriended him on Facebook 3-4 times over my suspicions.

I told him I heard he was writing similar emails and he said I was wrong. A week ago I had a friend of mine friend him and he started flirting with her and told her a different story about the will.

About a month ago I did exchange emails with one of his FB friends.

She said that he had written her some romantic emails and that she was unsure about him.

I told him that I just needed to be sure about him.

He told me after all this that I have always been his first choice but he thought I was not that interested so that is why he moved on and that finding someone is so important to him. He has told me that he wants to marry me, that he loves me, etc.

I asked for the hospital name, her name, her doctor's name. He said he really wants to do whatever he can to prove me wrong.

Well, apparently she died the next day so he did not need my help. He feels I just have trust issues because of my last bf.

We do have some wonderful talks and he is growing on me. I have told him that if he is "real" and if the feelings are there when we meet, then yes, I can see us having a future together. Anytime he writes "Am" instead of "I am," I cringe. I worry that he is targetting me because of my job and he sees me as having a great lifestyle.

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