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And we share the same birthday except I'm younger but I'm so happy about that. I became an addict this summer and I can't stop watching till today, I've watched at least twenty different kdramas. well tied with Lee Jong Suk but none the less you are amazing. Just like what the others say, you definitely don't have to apoloize for not living up to our expectations because what you showed was more than that. So i WISH HIM GOOD LUCK and hopefully he reads this. @Jojo: id also love to see KWB star in cheese in the trap but i think Park Hae Jin has already accepted the role of Jung Yu? I hope you recover quickly I read that you are better and I'm so happy you getting better. I hate you because you dared die, but I love you because uhm *cough cough* shirtless scene (yes please). And I'm not biased because I really did cry and laughed and everything. At first i really hate him, because of his role in the heirs, but I think i am tooooo immature if i would think that way, so I watched some of his dramas and i fell in love with him. heck, i would have loved to see KWB star in warm and cozy and pinocchio and many other dramas he turned down :( oooooooooooppppaaaaaaaaa....

Be happy If the news is false then be happy for ever and ever Oppa.. why making such drama like your saying goodbye in advance? You made a great job in your first cycle treatment.. Know that you have so many people wishing you well and truly care about you. i would have missed this series if my friend havent said. Love you Woobin I saw you the first time when I was watching Heirs I hated you at first but after I knew how a cool person you are , you have became my dream boy!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ I first saw you in "The Heirs" and I actually continued watching it because of your character. He makes me smile and laugh at his expressions and deep voice. Because i really want to see you as a lead male in a well written drama like pinnochio I like his way of acting is great altho I didn't like the plot of the Heirs, he was the only character that really interested me because of the background story he had and I do think seriously that this drama should have ended with him getting the girl. But nonetheless please know their are many people that love you.

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I can't imagine you getting more reasons to be in pain♥️ my love for u is not something that will go away with passing time, I promise to find a way to see u. I promise I will try my best to tell u directly that how much I love you. You are the best man in the world, we are in love with you,handsome boy! I started watching it because of Lee Min Ho but I stayed for Woo Bin. you are an amazing actor and i don't see why you should decline offers of taking the main role in dramas. i really really love you i am from your top fans i adore you since i watched the hiers you were from my favirote characters young do you captured my heart. And his look is really different than the other cutie K drama boys- his face is so masculine.... when the first time i saw the performance Kim Woo Bin i think i fall in love for the first time with him..i like his expression, he is the most handsome boy i ever seen.. even though i like Lee Min Ho, i watched Heirs only for u.. I wish you do many such roles and make all your fans happy... She seems fragile and you are just the guy that she needs lol A french fan! lol I liked you first when I watched the Gentleman's Dignity and I started to admire you while watching the Heirs, in fact I am watching the Heirs only because of you, otherwise I wouldn't. On the other hand, they hate the second girl x D I like it especially that "Choi Young Do has an IQ of 150 x D haha : D So he can make use of it and win Cha Eun Sang for himself I first saw him in "Gentleman's Dignity" and instantly loved his character.

I know u will never see this comment but at least I got a place to speak out what I am feeling now. Kim Woo Bin, you should win an acting award for this - you are able to let your viewers feel your pain, your sadness, your anger, your love for the girl that you have been longing for in this drama. This is the first time I have watched you in a drama and I was so impressed and moved by your acting ability. Watching Uncontrollably Fond has made me really realize what a spectacular actor you are! We are waiting to see you in more dramas and more movies. His acting is really good and after I watched some Behind The Scenes I also fell for his personality. you will look good anywhere so please come on dramas and movies more often. Kim woo bin oppa~ I honnestly think that Kim Woo Bin should have gotten the girl in the heirs. :) Like any other fan, would love to meet and see this guy. fristly when you saw chan eun sang while buying the motosikle from that moment i began to like you and look for your news and i really want to contact you and meet you as soon as possible Help not to stare at you, it's like im under your spell You are so good in " the heirs" where i fell in love With you. Kim Woo Bin, you are the best actor.are always in my hear..i love u forever.. Hope to see you in another nice drama as a leading actor. Her role in the series was excellent heirs I believe that the director had made him weak Why true love in the margins of most Korean dramas are Directed by Kim Woo have mostly worked on the character. It didn't take long for me to build this interest in his skills.

I'm sure our unique woo bin is strong enough to fight his illness and come back healthier and stronger. Glad I found somewhere to get these thoughts and feelings out. Stay healthy and do as your doctor says so you can crush down that really bad disease and regain your healthy again. Now I'm watching your new drama "Uncontrollably Fond", I loved it and I am looking forward to know how it will end. Keep good working but make sure that you choose your roles wisely. not only that you are handsome, but also i can see that you are humble and kind. His looks (his eyes and damn those brows), his smile, sense of humor, and his voice (it's hella sexy). I've watched all his movies and drama series, and all his characters captivate me. I REALLY REALLY WANT KIM WOO BIN AND KIM JI WON TO DO A DRAMA TOGETHER!!!!!! I really liked the way you looked at while in the drama The Heirs. Now I'm really waiting for you in this latest movie. His role in The Heirs was awesome,by his gestures,staring eyes,his mischievous smile,can relayed the full meaning of what his portraying. just thanks for give me a happy :* Park Heung Soo i really like that character of you in SCHOOL 2013, you make me heart cried when you finally make friends again to GO NAM SOON... Oh and keep smiling, you have an amazing smile that just drives me crazy x) Saranghaeyo! i really love your voice especially when i heard you sang in china, it`s very manly eventhough i cant understand the lyrics i felt the song... I know in near future I can visit your country and enjoy my stay.... I hope I can be one of your lucky fan that can have a chance to see you in the near future!!!!! all your fans from philippines is looking forward to seeing you... But now he's one of the leading roles in "The Heirs" I think he's got so much ahead of him.

Waiting for your comebak all the best I might not be a huge fan of you but I admit you're a superstar you have a unique personality through youe works.. I find myself thinking about you and find myself praying a lot for your recovery and future success. just Trust in Him and He will give all your heart desires. I pray for your quick recovery so that you can grace the screens soon. I always pray for you just please don't give up please lord help him please help him through all this oppa please stay strong I will pray this is so sad to hear oh please lord God heal him of this sickness please Won Bin Oppa I know its hard for you but don't worry too much, everything 's gonna be alright.... Plzz be happy this time is tough but you know na your willpower make things easy for you...... Be hero n fight with this like hero I am sad because of the cancer diagnosis. Kim Woo Bin, I love your acting, your look, your singing voice and your real personality, can't wait for your next drama. By the way I am Egyptian and there are too many who loves "Korean dramas" here :) I'm happy to know that u got the main lead in the Uncontrollably Fond seeing u again in the drama is a big opportunity for me,u'r my idol although i cannot see u while u"r here in the philippines i missed that time but i'm happy now co'z u visit here. I didn't really like The Heirs but I finished watching it because of them, wanting to see if they ended up together. oh right~~ when you will be the main actor in a drama? course of the year you have to make an account which is active instagram, so that the fans do not stop miss. I hope they can give him good movie or drama ..he's a total GEM ..a waste if no one will notice this handsome talented guy..from the Philippines Kim Woo Bin also starred in Love Cells... your so manly and very attractive., because of you, you make my day stress-free everytime i watch you sang the song THE FIGHT... i`m still hoping to be one of your lucky fan to get a chance to meet you in person.... anyways yesterday i`ve done commenting here too, but unfortunately the email that i typed was incomplete I just notice it so late that`s why now im making it sure that my email that i would typing here will be sufficient and correct... I wish you more blessings and good health to you and your family and friends.... :) I think that he is not handsome, but he has personal, charisma (his eyes with smiling is so hot and threatening at the same time).

I hope you get well soon and I'll wait for you, always am here to support you. Dont ever lose hope oppa we are here to support and give you courage! I don't know if I should cry or pray for the love of my life to get well fast. you look amazing anywhere : the heirs , the school2013 , friend 2 ......a big kisses from morocco to the best korean actor and model the wonderful kim woo bin. By the way, Im from the Philippines with love Kim woo bin... He was casted for the role of Baek In Ho because of his character in the popular SBS drama "The Heirs." In "The Heirs," Kim Woo Bin played the "bad boy" character, who also had a deep wound in his heart. :) I love this guy so did such a fantastic job in the heirs and of course in all other dramas that he has been in and Yeah he's just so awesome. We'll always support you Good luck for ur drama or movie work. Every time he's on the screen, he just steals the show. He had more chemistry with the main lead girl than the other kim tan guy (who was a bit tooo boring really). and don't know why but I adored him with his cute updo hair in the first half of the series. I know yu since the heirs but i watched all the other dramas too and i see that he´s acting gets better and better and when he great. I have really fallen in love with you after watching Heirs. Im one of your fan in India.i love your character in heirs..your acting is are the best.sarangae Choi Young Do it doesn't matter what kind of role you're playing, keep up with the good work of will always support you as long as you're doing your best!!! Not to mention, he was soooo hot and very well dressed. I'm a Woo Bin fan for life now:) Please perform in more drama's soon. I think Tan definitely cares more about her, but I'm gonna have to agree that there isn't enough heat/ chemistry there. Kim Woo Bin is really good in his new character Choi Young Do in The Heirs! : DD The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and him is, in my opinion, better than Lee Min Ho ( I am a big fan of Lee Min Ho) so their acting is really good and impressive.

I'm so glad you're doing well and glad your okay I knew you could do it. We will fight with you, Saranghae oppa and get well soon, I moss you soo much. I have never felt like this before, i am so much in love with you and yet so much in pain right now. Already your smile hides a lot of pain and secrets in them. I'm about to finish The Heirs and his character is by far my favorite character. kim woo bin, you stole my heart in The Heirs and i really wish to see more of you. I literally waited for his scenes in every episode. I wish he had had a happy ending with the lead girl. You will form a great couple with yoon eun hye by the way. hwaiting ki hyun joong or kim woo bin yourself make the best decision for yourself!!! I already loved him in To the Beautiful, but I think the most girls like it if the second guy is together with the main girl.

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I hope you get back into your acting career cause I miss you so much T-T. Woo bin, I've literally watched every drama that you were in but I paused Uncontrollably Fond when I heard you were sick and the drama had a sad ending. Hope I see you in more dramas -Your *supposed* number one fan jjbutterleg (aka Jasmin Lozano) I love your drama.." Uncontrollably fond ' and this is the best kdrama I ever seen. I really love the way he act he is so cool, cute, and he is so hot, he is one of the best actor that i know in korea. Love you more than're the best korean actor I've ever also so sexy and the best...

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