How to bring up the topic of dating

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If you’re beginning to feel like sex is the natural next step, talk to her about it.

Talking, listening, spending time together with your clothes on, and getting to know her as a person should be priority.For example, were the two of you friends before you started dating, or was this a random encounter that turned into an “ask-out?” One of the ways to check for signs that you may be heading down the exclusivity route is the way your partner treats you around his or her friends.Relationships can be tricky, and getting into a relationship can be even trickier, if you’re unsure how to broach the subject of getting serious. If this is really want you want from this person, don’t wait until you’re in knee-deep with someone to find out they’ve been knee-deep with at least three other people while seeing you.Males and females alike get nervous about approaching this subject with a new lover, as it can feel awkward or “lame” to impose a relationship on someone, simply because you’ve gone out a few times. If she’s been spending all her free time with you, then you’re who she wants to be with.Too often men get together with a new woman and rush the sex.

This complicates things tremendously and can even be dangerous.

Good sex clouds good judgment, and men are incredibly susceptible to missing the psycho vibe when a woman is good in the sack.

If you don’t know what I mean, rent the movie “Fatal Attraction.” On the other hand, if you’ve been with your gal for a while, your relationship should be evolving toward physical intimacy.

And mind you, you shouldn’t be exclusive with him unless he says so himself.

A man understands that unless he tells you, exclusivity isn’t assumed.

To learn more about how to captivate a man’s heart, here’s the new program that will ensure the smooth sail of your relationship without ever appearing pushy and desperate by bringing up the talk: Four Components Of Melting His Heart (that is responsible in getting my client Chrissy engaged to her boyfriend of 6 months!

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