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I now accept that my body is unique, and I appreciate it.This time of reflection has allowed me to feel grateful for all my body has done for me.

Second, perhaps because I was raised in a religious community where sex was frowned upon, I was usually so racked with guilt over the act itself that I didn’t want to be truly seen.Despite the fact we're told time and time again to be wary about how hackable our passwords are, many of us still insist on using the same ones we thought up as a pre-teen, ready to embark on an MSN Messenger adventure with our new shiny hotmail accounts.And yes, we being hacked, a security expert from Lancaster University, Dr Jeff Yan, has come up with some pearls of wisdom when it comes to choosing that all-important password. Something as simple (and wonderful) as dry brushing has taught me how my skin responds to pressure, friction, and stimulation. I burn scented candles, apply essential oils, hug my children tighter and longer, hold hands with friends, listen to soothing sounds, and prepare delicious meals — all in a way that’s not inherently sexual but is deeply satisfying and fulfilling.Because of my religious background, I was raised to associate a tremendous amount of guilt and shame with sex and sexuality.I wasn't always sure exactly what I wanted during sex.

I didn’t know how or where I wanted to be touched, and as a result I’d often end an encounter unfulfilled.

I never wanted a partner to see me completely nude.

After the deed was done, I’d hastily cover myself in some way.

Of course, I'm not saying that one needs to be abstinent to learn such things; this was simply my experience, and I'm grateful for what I learned.

Over the past 12 months, here are the five most important realizations I’ve made about love and sexuality: In the vast majority of my romantic relationships, I felt ashamed of my body.

And when I do choose to share my body in the future, I’ll be more mindful, clear, and present in the experience.