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First we’ll start with what you can do before getting into contacting your service provider.Texts can add up pretty fast, if you save most of your text messages instead of deleting them then your phone might just be getting a little clogged up.

Think about the last time you powered your phone off and just let it rest for 5 min, if it’s been a while try to make it a habit.

Applications can cause funny problems on smart phones; if you downloaded or installed an app for texting then it could certainly be that app causing issues.

Especially if your phones software just got updated, your operating system might now be up to date but the app might not be.

Don’t Panic it’s not as bad as it sounds, and chances are extremely high that it WILL fix your issue, you just need to backup all your information before actually proceeding with the reset.

There are quite a few articles on this site that will walk you through how to backup and reset your type of phone (click for specific instructions if you have an Android Smartphone).

Remember not to text and drive, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or check out the rest of the site for other phone tips and information. Just when I was about to give up and was getting really desperate I ran into your comment and decided to try what you did.

I tried disconnecting from my network and registering with another. Do the backup then reset first and if that doesn’t work contact your wireless service provider and try and get a representative that knows what they are doing, not just a sales agent (they should be able to transfer you accordingly), so your wireless provider can get you up and running correctly again from their end, and then you should be good to go.Enjoy your ability to receive messages again and of course to text properly. It’s just locating the actual cause of your issue that might take a little effort.It’s going to be either something on the phone itself causing issues or something on your wireless network provider’s end.Note: you should be able to send a message to yourself in order for you to test your device and make sure it’s now both sending and receiving texts correctly.

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