Paul cattermole and hannah spearritt dating

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Paul cattermole and hannah spearritt dating - skeet ulrich dating

S Club are fuming and do everything they can to win the match.The band become the stars of the fictional hit TV series, Alien Hunter; the hotel is used as a filming location.

The group arrives at the Paradise Hotel expecting to live a life of luxury, however, hotel manager Howard has other plans for S Club 7.Meanwhile, Rachel and Hannah have a slight falling out over Rachel's teasing Hannah about her role on the show.Howard loses S Club, in a card game, to his cousin Hank, who runs the nearby Sunset Sands Hotel, which seems to resemble what their agent in England promised them.Jo decides to break up with him only to discover that her boyfriend is standing behind her!Jo then fixes her mistake by writing and performing a song dedicating her love for him.To raise the money, he tries to sell the statue, which crumbles around him.

Wanting to take a day off, S Club 7 borrow Howard's boat and take a cruise back to the 1970s.He returns home disappointed, but it appears he's taken his new-found metrosexuality a bit too seriously. They're also given a volleyball lesson by some locals, who turn out to be workers at Howard's cousin Hank's hotel.Howard decides to set up a volleyball match between the two hotels and bets that S Club will lose.During which, he hooks up with the executive woman, who specialises in elevator music.Howard's finds himself with a date with a swimsuit model and Rachel, Tina, and Jo set about giving him a complete makeover.Meanwhile, The boys and Hannah decide to set their boss's pet alligator, Clint, free. Marvin explains to them that he's a homing (domesticated but allowed some freedom) alligator.