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My friend and I are wondering, is there a possibility that you may write a sequel?

Madison wants more sexual experience, poetic Lina is in love with her teacher, and curvy Holly has a wild reputation.

When the Dating Game website they set up for a class becomes a campus hit as a matchmaking service and a forum for students' views on love, sex and dating, the three friends hope it will help them take control of their love lives too.

The Dating Game..only game where the rules keep changing.

Silly quizzes and online chats pepper the narrative, and each chapter begins with a telling horoscope for one of the protagonists.

Readers will not be too surprised by the girls' findings, but they may be disappointed that not all of the plot points resolve (perhaps Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do, due out in June, will supply the answers); the still-open story line about Lina's growing obsession with her young teacher is especially disturbing.

Even though the girls eventually admit "our scientific technique is not exactly airtight here," it's hard to understand how some of the materials relate to their project.

Yet the girls' struggles come across as authentic, and the writing can be both funny and honest (especially Holly's painful experience with "the double standard, how it was good for boys to have a wild rep and bad for girls").The supporting characters are decently developed: Dan, the young teacher, seems charming and the potential boyfriends are interesting.Holly's boyfriend begins dating her because the other boys talked about how friendly she is.The premise of an online project, and its fresh humor, could keep this series going strong for quite some time.When three high school sophomores set up a weblog as a class project to research whether girls or boys are more sex-crazed—and to play matchmaker, their own messy love lives become even more complicated. Stine's Fear Street Series, The Blair Witch Files, and Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet Sixteen.Overall, readers will probably find enough to laugh about and relate to as the trio plans-and plays-The Dating Game.