Updating firmware on vodafone nokia e71

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What we will do is change the product code to one that we want, then use the Nokia Software Updater to Download and install that software.You'll need to do your research for the new product code. You should back-up your phone settings using the PC suite so you can restore them to the phone afterwards.

Attempting to do this myself I found some of the information confusing so i hope this will be useful.

It is one of the ten highest radiation emitting phones as per the link below it and use the phone only when you have to and not just for the heck of it. Please do not do anything to the phone else you may loose the warranty. Your advice on the hard reset worked out successfully. On the issue of firmware upgrade, The technicalities involved are somehow above my paygrade.

CXG, Must be a solid fall if so much has been damaged. well i just got this fone, its nice and all, its got al i need, but it fell from me, and the navigation buttons and the camera aren't working. the camera is showing me 'feature not supported'........

If you have an unlock code it can be entered before or after you unbrand the phone.

This is from Nokia, it is the tool that has been developed to allow people to get the latest version of their original firmware without visiting a service centre. There is also a version included in OVI suite, though the standalone NSU has proven to be more reliable.

You should install this and run it (it requires an active internet connection) and convince yourself that the application is able to communicate with the phone.

This procedure can only be used on phones compatible with the NSU. I do not know your preferences in life but I have the following on my phone besides Kaspersky internet security: 1. Nokia Mail depicted by @ can handle ten email accounts 7. This is an application that actually does the changing of the product code.It can (preferably) be downloaded from the maker's site BPreaks.for the latest version.(left hand side, downloads section) The B Phreaks website has had some intermittent problems, because of this it is just not possible for me to host the files here.