Dating and goodbye

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Harris emphasizes that the problem of dating is not solved by “dating right.” In “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” Harris reiterates that dating itself is “an approach to relationships that wants to go in a different direction than the one God has for us.” Nor can Christians redeem the process: “the boyfriend/girlfriend exclusiveness of the dating system is based on a self-seeking, pleasure-seeking attitude toward relationships,” Harris warns in “Dating Problems.” Far from trying to rescue dating from our human selfishness, Harris advocates courtship as promoting the right attitude and approach to relationships.

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A couple left to themselves becomes blinded by feelings.

In reality, dating is an artificial environment—a break from real life and away from real relationships.

Moreover, dating isolates the couple from life’s most important relationships: family, friends, and church.

One family wrote guidelines for their daughter’s courtship, and held the couple accountable to them.

Another father saw his daughter’s waning interest in a man, and told his daughter’s suitor that he needed to show more affection.

His solutions, moreover, affirmed or exacerbated the dysfunction of our romantic culture. By dating, he seems to refer to both 1) a mutual appointment between a guy and girl (e.g., seeing a movie or getting drinks, coffee, or dinner) which may or may not be part of an exclusive relationship and 2) an exclusive relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend who spend lots of time together privately.

Dating is the “product of our entertainment-driven, disposable-everything American culture,” Harris explains in “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” Dating, at its core, promotes the wrong attitude and wrong approach to relationships.

By seeking her father’s permission to court, a man honors his role and elicits his wisdom.

Fathers have the ability to end relationship before it begins. In these cases, Harris advises men “don’t undermine his leadership—honor it even if it means waiting longer or doing things differently than you had planned.” Families also provide oversight thought the courtship.

It would be easy to dismiss Harris’s fretting as merely advice that preteens, teenagers, or immature people should avoid dating until they mature.

But his writings do not support this interpretation.

Harris’s influence expanded thanks to that book, his first.

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