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In response, Toronto police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray said cautioning women on their state of dress is not part of any police training.

'They are taught that nothing a woman does contributes to a sexual assault.'University of Toronto criminologist Rosemary Gartner said linking style of dress to sexual assault is 'ridiculous.''If that were the case, there would be no rapes of women who wear veils and we know there are rapes in those countries,' she said.

The comment has caused outrage among victims’ advocates and students.

Darshika Selvasivam, vice-president of the York Federation of Students, said she found the use of the word 'extremely alarming.'Linking provocative clothing to sexual assault 'is a huge myth.' She said: 'It blames the survivor of a sexual assault while taking the onus away from the perpetrator.'A university spokesperson said the school was 'surprised and shocked' by the comment, while the student newspaper Excalibur reported that the controversy has 'reinvigorated debate at Osgoode Hall.'Mr Hoffman said: 'This line of thinking might have been acceptable early in the 20th century, but in 2011 it is so inappropriate.'Christine Hakim and Anastasia Mandziuk, co-chairs of the women’s caucus at Osgoode Hall Law School, which advocates for women’s issues, issued a statement strongly condemning police for the comment.

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