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The wonderment of absorbing oneself in a playing film will always be there.

I try to use the most obvious strategy and just ignore all the leaks and speculation.I simply know way too much about what I'm going to see.A long time ago, apparently in a galaxy far, far away, I was anxious to see the big blockbusters on their opening weekend in theaters.Some the film's best best moments were featured as long as they did not reveal any key plot points, the main stars were named, and its rating by the Motion Picture Association of America was divulged.For the vast majority of movies, this was the only trailer.In lieu of just starting to hear about a film a month or so before its release, we begin getting tidbits of info a year or more in advance.

In some cases, it starts with announcement of a studio's plan to make a film a half decade into the future. They immediately take to the web with heated debates on who should play who, who should direct, and what the plot should be.

Unfortunately, this has become a theory impossible to practice.

I honestly make a serious effort not to read any of the writing on those big movies before they come out.

The urgency I once felt for being in attendance during the opening weekend of a major release has given way to a nonchalant attitude.

That I won’t see a particular film for up to another year is acknowledged with a shrug of the shoulders.

Since most of these were in local newspapers, your average movie buff only read one of them, if any at all.