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Thea and Felicity’s mother are deservedly upset, which is a reminder of the fact that only.

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The witness could theoretically be Roy, Ragman, vigilante, the Russians, Quentin, Lyla, or anyone named al-Ghul.

Baldwin states that Heribert II married an unnamed daughter of Robert I, King of France, Baldwin adds that the relationship between the families is confirmed by the fact that Hugues the Grand was termed an 'avunculus' (uncle, mother's brother) of Heribert's sons, who in turn are called nepotes (nephews) of Hugues believes Heribert was married before 21 May 907 based on a reading of a document of that date which names Robert as count and Adela as countess.

Cawley believed that Robert's wife Adela was dead by that time and therefore the document referred to his daughter Adela, countess by virtue of her marriage to Heribert.

Of course Rene soon fesses up, but not before Oliver reveals that the original 3 have been spying on the new kids.

With every new member of the team there has been some sort of transition period, but with this group (as well as the two members they have since lost) that seems to be a rougher and longer transition.

Curtis clearly needs some time to think over his priorities in life, and spending less time with Felicity might help him gain some perspective and stick up for himself more when she walks all over him.

And Rene has a good job and his daughter back, and as we’ve seen with Dig and Ollie, having a kid makes a person question their place in the vigilante business.

Curtis gets drunk on champagne and memories of his marriage to Paul, Rene talks about his dead wife, they both learn that Dinah has been engaged multiple times, Thea misses Roy and I’m sad he is once again absent during a time that he would obviously be there for her.

And of course Felicity’s criminal father is in attendance and flirting with her mother, who briefly reunites with Lance.

Those relationships are complicated, and will only become moreso in the New Year. Oliver is without most of his team through his own actions, as Cayden James pointed out.

And of course that happens when pretty much every living member of Oliver and the Green Arrow’s rogues gallery assembles to creepily watch Oliver in the lair via a hidden camera.

That makes them two generations removed, a gap Oliver has never fully closed, nor does he seem to want to.