Femei sex uk

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Femei sex uk

You may be able to get help with the cost of childcare by applying for tax credits.

You may find that you've gained some good experience and knowledge by the time you're ready to go back into a full-time job.

As long as they know what your intended working hours are, they may be happy for you to adjust your hours to 8am until 4pm, for example.

Anyone who has worked for their employer for 26 weeks or more has the right to ask if they can work flexibly.

You could speak to other single parents and form a support network between you.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide, talk it through with friends and family.

You can always pick up your career later on, or find ways to work from home.

Talk to your employer before you go on maternity leave about what your options are with flexible working.If you’re not in one of the pilot areas, you can still apply for a range of benefits and tax credits separately.To find out more about the financial help you may be entitled to, see our payments for parents directory.You may be itching to get back to work after your maternity leave. Whether you go back to work or not may also be influenced by your own childhood. Or perhaps she stayed at home for your first few years and you want the same for your children.Only you know what's best for you and your family.Or you may not want too long a break in your career, even if it's not providing you with much extra income after childcare costs. Find out about what tax credits and benefits you may be able to claim.