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The solution is simple: stop staring at your phone, call some friends, go out, distract yourself and stay calm.

She was a very nice girl from Poland but I forgot my email password after I lost my phone so well and I lost her too :'( That was quite a few years ago. My native language is Chinese since I'm a Chinese myself and I also speak English, Cantonese and Malay.Hi there, This is my first time trying to do this penpal thingy. Well I am looking for a friend to talk and to share stories with preferably around the age 19-22. I learned french when i was in secondary school so i can speak a lil bit french but it was a long time ago so i might understand but dont know how to prounounce it lol I really wanted to try this penpal thingy since i was in secondary school but i never had a chance to do it because i was in boarding school and the internet there sucks.Preferably not from Malaysia because I would love to have friends that are from other countries. I’m actually excited to do this lol how weird am i. I always like the idea of making new friends, especially from a different country, also, someone who I can share my problems or someone who I can talk with about random shits.Nonetheless, it doesn't matter which country you are from, you can still write me.I'm a little shy but I can be very outgoing with the right person ^^ I'm even open to snail mail so, do not hesitate to contact me! I'm not sure what to write here but I have had an email pen pal before.

I don't mind to write snail mail but it will take quite some time for me to reply since it takes a long time to deliver the letter abroad, so i think that it would be better to write a long letter instead of short ones. But once we know each other, i can talk a lot like about my life, culture, studies, fashion, manga etc haha don't know what to write here but it would be great if i can know someone here, preferably around my age and I'm looking for long term pen pal. Thanks : D Hi, what's up :) I'm Priscilla, 26 years old from Malaysia. But in the mean time, you decide to tweet something to let him know you’re out and not sitting at home by your phone. you wait, wait till he texts me, I’m not even going to reply. Eventually you call a friend who calms you down and reminds you that, maybe, just maybe, he has a life and hasn’t has a chance to reply to your text yet. Then you move onto the usually short-lived Men like to push a little then pull back a little. It’s called giving him a taste of his own medicine… At the start you’re an exciting and special woman, but there’s only so many times he can call you 5 times a day, buy you presents and hold open doors for you before he gets a bit bored. So he decides to mix it up a bit, but his new, much cooler demeanor has you assuming he’s either met someone else or has decided to break up with you. Whether that means crying in bed for two hours or drinking half a bottle of wine while watching Grey’s Anatomy, the truth is you’ve lost it and you’re one obsessive over reaction away from saying too much. Your friends tell you not to send it, they tell you to wait but as far as you’re concerned, you’re deep in over-reacting mode and the relationship is now unsalvageable. Maybe you can even upload a hot selfie to show him how much fun you’re having. Accept it, get used to it and live a much less emotionally unstable life.I prefer people around my age (19-25) but older is fine :) please, no dirty talks because it is weird and rude. I'm not picky on my penpal's gender but if you're a creep- GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME!!

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    With a string of blockbuster films under his belt, Efron seems to have it all: good looks, oodles of talent and a loyal fan following. Growing up in the spotlight has meant that Efron’s personal life has always been under intense scrutiny.

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    Many of my French friends – men and women alike – have waited to meet someone special for their first time, didn’t just want to get rid of their virginity, and have never had one night stand.