Models dating rock stars

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Models dating rock stars

After his show, said friend of ex-girlfriend made her way back stage and got invited to hang out with John. Pretty uneventful shit so far, but apparently at some point during the encounter her and John started to make out fairly heavily.This eventually lead to, in the heat of the moment, John leaning into this girl’s ear and whispering, “Let me see your fucking butthole”. I don’t know if said butthole was ever shown to Mr.

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It wasn’t a tale of beefy bodice rippers or love at first sight; it was a story about snobs.

Redditor Bhighkin put a call out to the former groupies of Reddit to share their NSFW sexcapdes with rock stars.

What ensued were a bunch of unreliable, friend-of-a-friend, hookup stories-turned total Reddit fuckery featuring Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish, Chad Kroeger, John Mayer, Eddie Vedder, Harry Styles, DMX’s and some more famous pees who aren’t even rockstars.

Mayer, but I’d like to think it was.”“I was at a John Mayer concert and me and a friend were invited backstage to ‘hang out.’ When we got back there he asked us if we were okay with him fisting either of us.

When we said no, he laughed at us, called us ugly, and kicked us out.”“Not me, but I know of two women who had a threesome with Thom Yorke in 2008.

He seemed like a good guy, and I hope he’s doing well, but I have no desire for a repeat.

I’m a really private person and am unwilling to take the risk of my name or picture leaking…oh my god the number of penis specific questions.

I heard it was sweaty and he was REALLY fucked up (but what did you expect??

)”“I worked as a barmaid in various pubs in Camden Town for five years when it was indie central, so I got to hang around with a lot of bands…Julian Casablancas has a huge dick but was usually too fucked to get hard.”“I’ve made a throwaway because One Direction fans terrify me.

The boyfriend is a fairly well known musician himself who has recorded albums of Radiohead covers and who himself is a fan, so presumably he was fine with the hookup.

Thom said he’d write a song for her, and Lotus Flower was the result.

He had a slightly larger than average (in my experience, which honestly isn’t vast) dick.