Peoplemeet chemistry dating site

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Peoplemeet chemistry dating site

However, once the promo weekend is done, you will need to signup for a paid subscription in order to continue to communicate.

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If you are interested, then you make a "connection" with that member and can email them or use the online flirting games to see if you are more compatible.You can also review your matches' profiles and receive alerts when someone has emailed you or shown interest in your profile.has a new feature, "mystream", where you can view a snapshot of the community based on your settings and profile.You can't search for matches, rather your matches are shown to you on your "mymatches" page.You can click on matches and let them know you are interested by clicking the "I'm interested" button.It is really interesting to see which type you are and read about your personality.

Your personality type is used to match you with other members that thinks you will be very compatible with.This is a great way to meet members that may not show up in your "mymatches" page.Also featured on is "the chemistry blog", which gives you relationship advice and insight by Dr.provides a more guided approach to online dating than other sites.You are matched with other members based on compatibility using their in-depth personality test developed by Dr. She is an anthropologist with more than 30 years experience researching you a personality type based on your responses to their test; see below for more info.