Who is chatum channing dating

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Who is chatum channing dating

2015, a news-like link began to circulate on Facebook claiming popular actor Channing Tatum came out as gay.The link’s headline stated “Channing Tatum comes out as Gay,” and the preview text read: “Channing Tatum comes out as Gay following a number of rumours.” While the rumor was briefly popular on sites like Twitter and Facebook among Tatum’s fans, it was generated by the site

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And I think a lot of Americans don’t get out of the country to go see these places.I want to go around showing this film at schools, but I want to find my own perspective on it first, and I haven’t quite done that yet.magazine anniversary party at the SL Miami, as her hubby looked his usual hunky self in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt.But there’s a difference between playing a lawyer and playing a soldier.They experience things that I’ll never be able to experience.: Yes, most of our fans are teenagers, or 18 to 25, but they're curious. I think the less you focus on the horrible tragedy that Rwanda was and the more you focus on people rebuilding, the better. The documentary focuses on a few incredible individuals, like Jean-Pierre Sagahutu.

We Twittered about it and put up a video on Facebook, and we'll take the documentary to a couple of different schools in New York, then probably in L. In one brutal scene, he's standing with his son by the unmarked grave of his slaughtered father, with the accomplice who murdered his father.Claims like the one about Tatum often spread due to a compelling headline alone. So of course their first project since romantically break-dancing together is a documentary about the Rwanda genocide. So we called them up to figure out how they connected with ' Deborah Scranton, co-produced and written by Tatum and Dewan's pal Reid Carolin — and it might even be seen by a few teens because they're involved. Most of your and Channing's fans are young, so what’s your pitch to teens to see this movie?The soldiers I've met have put things in perspective for me that I don’t think I ever would’ve been able to see otherwise.I guess one reason I really wanted to get involved with this film was to have that same thing happen to me again. : I don’t know what that’s going to be yet, but I want to go to Rwanda and shoot some footage and focus on these towns filled with kids without parents.Most of my family in Alabama, some of them have never even been on an airplane and didn’t want to get on airplanes to come out for my wedding.