Scott speedman who is he dating

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The main topic of the show was to know what was cooking between the two of them in the late 90s.

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Afterall, he campaigned hard to win the role of Tom in Adoration because originally the role was for a man 12-15 years older than Scott.The reason is still unknown to many but by the looks of it the actor doesn't seem very keen on settling down soon.Scott Speedman, a standard issue Ken doll, was on “Felicity” nearly 20 years ago. ” and talked about being a bad boyfriend to Keri Russell so long ago. Yet girls attracts towards him as a bees attract towards beehive.He dated many of his co-stars but never had a stable relationship with anyone.He stated, “We were actually dating at the time and I had been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until [that point] and I knew I had to put on a good show.

I knew I was going to see her new haircut and I was like, Come on man, you got to bring it home. And I got to work and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half panic, half smile sort of situation.” In the interview, he also said the pair dated for some time before calling it quits.

Determined to get the part, which he really believed in, Scott pushed hard.

Which makes me believe the hunky actor would do whatever it takes to win other meaty acting roles down the road.

He is in his 40s now but his handsome looks still attract a lot of pretty ladies towards him.

Let's find out if he is currently dating someone new.

Still Single & Dating In Hollywood Even though Scott confessed to People he’s still single at 33, he’s still as gorgeous as ever and I’m sure he could change his marital status without too much trouble, even though he admitted that dating isn’t so easy in Hollywood.