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Get rid of this fear: what will happen to me, my family, my future?Develop faith in Swami’s words that He is there to protect us; I am divine, nothing can happen to us!

So here is the great combination for success: willing devotees, a great school like this ashram and the guidance of Baba Himself.The harmony with the environment, with one another and with oneself can be experienced in Ubud, where the physical, emotional and spiritual growth of a person naturally unfolds.Brother Desmond and his wife Mrs Roselyn own and manage a healing retreat, ‘Sidharthani Meditation Centre’.And the ultimate proof of that is that all through these years and now, when each of you utter ‘Sairam Sairam’, you have been proving that the name is not different from the form, that wherever the name is the reality of Sai Pooja – the form manifests.”Sri BN Narasimha Murthy was the next speaker. Yes I am God, but that is half truth, You are also God.In his eloquent talk, he said, “As I told you yesterday, we have gone around with Swami to more than 20 countries in the past 2-3 yrs. Only difference is I know that I am God, you don’t know that.It is well known globally for its rich culture and healing retreats.

Ubud is born out of the word ‘Ubad’ which means ‘medicine’.On His way back from Ubud to Sai Pooja Ashram in Bali, Bhagawan visited the residence of Mrs Dewi and her husband Sri Yoga for lunch.The evening programme commenced at pm, and Bhagawan commanded Sri Prabhu ji to speak on the importance of a Guru.Let this great faith march forward and step-by-step through love and service, reach your destination.”A drama titled ‘All are One’ was staged by the children, which was indeed a treat to watch.After blessing the children profusely with gifts and namaskar, mangala arathi was offered to Bhagawan and dinner prasadam was served, before Swami retired for the day.After lighting the lamp, marking the grand ‘official’ inauguration of the Ashram complex, Swami was led to His room, which overlooked a magnificent pool, for some refreshments.