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All match worn guernseys will come presented in a collectible tin* with an outer decal to mark the occasion and each accompanied by a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ provided by the AFL Players Association and fully licensed by the AFL . Click here to find out more about our Indigenous Guernsey – click here The 2016 Indigenous Hawthorn Adult Guernsey consists of :- Featuring adidas Climalite technology which is lightweight, breathable fabrics worn close to the skin, which conduct heat away from the body to keep you cool and dry in warm conditions.The image used is for illustration purposes only, it will not be 100% reflective of the final product.

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It captures the players’ different journeys through individual motifs that give an insight into their life outside football and their cultural identities.

A special feature of the Indigenous Guernsey is a short story from each Indigenous player that sits inside the collar of the Guernsey.

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