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It is a complex concept album dealing with an anthropological approach towards orthodoxy.

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The photos featured witty remarks like, for example on March 8, 1979, a photo signed "Dečaci emancipuju žene" ("The Boys emancipate women").

Film members Mladen Juričić (also known as Max Wilson) playing harmonica and Jurij Novoselić (also known as Kuzma Videosex) who played organ made guest appearances.

The record was produced by another Film member, Ivan Stančić Piko.

Even though the band had several recording sessions in Radio Belgrade, none of the material was released.

Mitrić went to Bulevar and Popović went to Slađana Milošević's band.

The recording of the album took more than four hundred hours which was a record in former Yugoslavia still to be broken.

Guests on the album were Bebi Dol who did backing vocals on "Odbrana" ("Defence"), and Vuk Vujačić, Goran Grbić and Slobodan Grozdanović were a brass section on "Senke su drugačije" ("The Shadows Are Different"). It got the name from a Borislav Pekić book with the same title on which the whole album is based.

The cover of the album is the Red Nude by Amedeo Modigliani.

Jugoton later re-released the EP with Film's live EP in Kulušić as a compilation album Zajedno.

In 1986 Yugoslav rock critics voted Odbrana i poslednji dani the best Yugoslav rock album of the 20th century.

In July 1982, Zdenko Kolar went to serve in the army and his replacement was Bulevar bassist Branko Isaković.

The band started recording their first album in autumn 1981 with Goran Vejvoda and Dušan Mihajlović Spira who ought to have been the assistant producer as they wanted to produce the record by themselves.

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