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An unusually large number of health anomalies reported from a single village.These ranged from cancer to physical deformities and mental to neurological disorders.

The government formed a Joint Parliamentary Committee, only the fourth in independent India and the first on health and safety of Indians.Osbourne's previous guitarist Joe Holmes was involved in the writing and Osbourne chose to use outside songwriters such as producer Tim Palmer and Aerosmith collaborator Marti Frederiksen."Working with Tim on this album reminded me of [late guitarist] Randy [Rhoads]," Ozzy remarked of Palmer.You never know when someone will read it and make change.The idea will then explode." Down to Earth has undertaken initiatives to bring awareness among people on common issues: Tested endosulfan traces in environmental and human samples from Padre village in Kasaragod district of Kerala.The National Institute of Occupational Health in Ahmedabad confirmed endosulfan was the cause of poisoning.

Union agriculture ministry banned use of endosulfan in Kerala in levels far exceeding the standards specified as safe for drinking water. India's first ever bottled water standard promulgated.Every bottle of water sold in the market must meet the standards.The results showed transfats in seven leading vanaspati brands were five to 12 times the 2 per cent standard set by Denmark.Since the release of this study several government agencies took steps to set standards for transfats in cooking oil.The magazine informs people about environmental threats facing India and the world.