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The researchers hypothesized that various compounds in semen, including estrogen and prostaglandin, have antidepressant properties, which are then absorbed into the body after sex.

"It took greater pain stimulus for them to feel the pain," said Beverly Whipple, a professor emerita at Rutgers University who has conducted some research on the topic.

Whipple didn't study why this was so, but other researchers have attributed the effect to oxytocin, the so-called bonding hormone that helps mothers and babies bond and which also has pain-relieving properties.

About one-third of the women participating in one study reported having experienced sadness after sex at some point in time.

While it's possible that regret or feeling coerced might be the reason why, researchers can't explain the connection at this point for sure.

In a 2013 German study, 60 percent of participants who had migraines and 30 percent of cluster-headache sufferers who had sex during a headache episode reported partial or total relief.

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