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"That’s a conflicting situation for a lot of women,” says Dunn, who was a stay-at-home mom and novelist before creating this series."It’s really difficult and it sucks, and even though you choose it, doesn’t make it suck any less."Dunn feels the situation is only made worse by the fact that women aren’t really allowed to be honest about the pressures of motherhood without being judged.

Keaton-like teenage son and green juice-drinking teenage daughter, who Katie says she’s trying to “help fit in less.” Katie is also trying to help her youngest, Anna-Kat, who has a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder, “fit in more.” No surprise, Anna-Kat is her favorite child, even if it is surprising to hear a mom actually admit that out loud."I swear I’ve done that 30 times, at every network. It felt awesome.”Now she wants other women to feel just as awesome — that Spanx-free kind of awesome that lets them know they’re not invisible, that someone on TV really gets them.A recent scene, in which Katie walks past a sidewalk cafe only to knock someone’s coffee cup right off the table with her hips, gave Dunn a taste of the sort of impact her show might have.“There was a woman who was working on set, and I overheard her say, ‘This scene is the story of my life,’” Dunn says.” in honor of the titular character that Dunn wrote for nearly two decades ago. Being the boss means Dunn has to be the one who fights for her characters and her staff.With 10 writers — an equal split of male and female with experience ranging from one who’s never worked in TV to others who’ve been doing it for 20 years — she feels the pressure not just to make the show funny but successful as well. “All I care about is women.”Specifically, she's focused on women who don’t often see themselves on TV, which includes a comedy series that leans heavily on jokes about body size and body image for laughs.

The main character is an overweight stay-at-home mom who laments the fact that she sticks out among her much more slender female peers, and she spends much of her time dwelling on that.

Incidentally, the scene was actually the story of Dunn's life, inspired by her own struggle to get down those tiny aisles of a plane without knocking someone with her hips.

But the scene made her realize that no one was telling this kind of story.

It's something Dunn does in her own life to stay sane, and suggests other moms do, too.

Being a stay-at-home mom may be a good decision for the kids, but for moms it often means putting their careers on hold.

But Dunn isn't looking for Katie to be a stereotypical housewife.