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But Dunn isn't looking for Katie to be a stereotypical housewife.

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Just being a mom was like becoming invisible.” Dunn's first TV series, a sitcom that made it clear moms could be funny, flawed, and, most importantly, the main attraction.At the same time, she judges those same women for their size and their perceived socioeconomic superiority, so the stereotyping goes both ways.Expect some language ("damn," "hell," "ass," and "bitch") and sexual content, including mild bedroom activity between married partners. On one hand, the show centers on a solid family unit with parents who make personal sacrifices for their kids.Sometimes she's complaining about the local moms with their green drinks and Fitbits who constantly tell her she’s “so real.” But more often than not, she’s going on about her Alex P.Keaton-like teenage son and green juice-drinking teenage daughter, who Katie says she’s trying to “help fit in less.” Katie is also trying to help her youngest, Anna-Kat, who has a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder, “fit in more.” No surprise, Anna-Kat is her favorite child, even if it is surprising to hear a mom actually admit that out a comedy series that leans heavily on jokes about body size and body image for laughs.

The main character is an overweight stay-at-home mom who laments the fact that she sticks out among her much more slender female peers, and she spends much of her time dwelling on that.

See, for example, Chrissy Teigen who, after having her baby girl Luna, was mommy-shamed for going out to dinner with husband John Legend.

This, despite making the valid point on Twitter that an hour out of the house means, “Happy mommy, happy daddy, happy baby.” Women are required to do it all, but in a way that the rest of society, or at least, the internet, sees fit.

After Sarah Dunn had kids, she started to feel ignored.

“I’m not just talking about men,” Dunn tells Refinery29 over the phone.

“I really think we need to get out of that mind-set.”The way society views the female body — specifically the way women view other women’s bodies — is certainly a topic of conversation on the series.

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