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Have I been out of the dating world so bloody long that the basics have changed? ’ *snort* I find it hard to believe; but there are a lot of uber slutty woman out there so hell maybe it does work. one called me a ‘baby’ and another said I was ‘scared’… There has been a couple that I talked with for a bit; they sounded fairly ‘normal’ (and I use that term loosely). and apparently that was the signal to lose their damn minds. *rolls eyes* Anyway, those were the obvious idiots.

With my heels I’m pushing 6’2″…and he wants to say he’s tall? Nothin’ wrong with shorter men, I’ve dates a couple who were WAY shorter them me… And suddenly I haven’t gotten any messages in like two days. Maybe that will cut down on the idiots messaging me. However at 2am when sleep is elusive and the house is quiet… You realize that you’re friends are right; you need to get back out into the world and meet some new people. one of which was one of those ‘how could I have been so damn stupid’ moments and the other, despite going our separate ways… And he would ask the dumbest, nosiest questions on the face of the planet. At the very least it might give me a few new people to hang out with. Now I had tried internet dating once before with varying degrees of success. Like, this was the second time we had talked on the phone… Possibly there's also a hope that she's deeply familiar with stuff in the 155.3 or 613.9 sections of the Dewey Decimal Classification System For those who don't understand the reference, the Dewey Decimal Classification System is a system which serves to sort documents depending to a large hierarchy of themes linked to specific numbers; 155.3 and 613.9 are respectively sex from a psychological approach and sex from a medical approach.If you want erotic literature you'll have to go to the 808.803538 shelf.A very attractive but prim and prudish woman, who would be gorgeous if she would just take off the glasses (or not), let down her hair, and unbutton her top button.

However, they tend to prefer more intellectual pursuits.Compare Magic Librarian, which is more likely to overlap.(Sometimes, all three may overlap.) Compare Hot for Teacher.Still though; how’s a kinda shy, homebody of a librarian suppose to connect with new people especially when she lives in a small town in the middle of Oklahoma? That was back when My Space was still the leader in Social Media and Facebook was still meant for college students. we had only talked once before, that afternoon no less… Since when was it cool to message a woman and say “Oh you’re cute I want to lick your P***Y???? Then I had a couple guys who tried to insult me when I wouldn’t give out my phone number. One guy, within a few minutes of giving him my number and texting… Honestly, someone explain WTF is the point of that? He said he wanted to ‘relax’ me before I went to bed; and kept hinting that when we met he could give me a message. One of our guy friends made a comment and a few others just kept looking at me.