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Mario and karina dating pics - online dating services with photos

We do know that Maksim was beginning to find his former fiancee "too high maintenance" and that her "constant demands were a sign that she lacked independence." So she was a dancing diva? Karina Smirnoff went down so hard during a "Dancing With the Stars" rehearsal ...

Lopez was raised in a large Catholic family of Mexican descent (from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico).

They finished in second place, losing to the team of Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke.

In 1992, he hosted his first series on NBC, called Name Your Adventure.

On February 4, 2015, Lopez reunited with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley, Dennis Haskins and Tiffani Thiessen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they appeared in a Saved by the Bell sketch with Fallon.

In the fall of 2006, Lopez signed on as a contestant on the third season of Dancing with the Stars on ABC with professional partner and then-girlfriend Karina Smirnoff who was making her series debut.

That same year, he was cast as a drummer and dancer on Kids Incorporated.

In March 1987, he was cast as a guest star on the sitcom The Golden Girls as a Latino boy named Mario who faces deportation. Slater in the television sitcom Saved by the Bell, a role which lasted five years.

The breakup happened late this past Labor Day weekend, with Maksim ending things with Karina! We'll be expecting some celebrity statements any moment now.

Sources are saying that Maksim was very "angry and upset" but about what specifically, we're still unsure.

The "Chorus Line" star began dating the Ukrainian beauty in 2006, when the two were paired up on "Dancing with the Stars." At the Bravo A-List Awards on Wednesday, Smirnoff confirmed the split to OK!

Karina Smirnoff (born January 2, 1978) is a world champion professional dancer. Smirnoff has won the title at the UK Open, is a three time champion at the US Open, two time champion at the Asian Open, five time champion at the Dutch Open, five time US National Professional Champion.

Starting in 2012, Lopez began hosting his own nationally syndicated radio show, ON With Mario Lopez, for Premiere Radio.

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