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For Christians, this Passover is the origin of their existence, because it is the origin of the Church, born from the side of Christ.

Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.Now Christ sees in his paschal sacrifice the full and total deliverance of man, his redemption from slavery, his elevation to holiness.The Church, perpetuating in time this Passover, ancient and new, has gathered all its liberating potential, offering it to man.And as the Jewish Passover had become a rite, that is, it had been ritualized and every year a memorial is made of it, so would be the case with the Passover-death of Christ, ritualized sacramentally in our Eucharist.For Christ, his death is the true Passover, his passing from the world to the Father, a passage which includes the full redemption of men.Thus we see clearly that the Mass or Lord's Supper is at the same time and inseparably: sacrifice, in which the sacrifice of the cross is perpetuated; memorial of the Lord's death and resurrection; [and] sacred banquet, in which by communion with the Body and Blood of the Lord we eat the Body and drink the Blood of Christ.

Q: Are some of these dimensions -- sacrifice, memorial, banquet -- more important than others?The Eucharist is the memorial of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.In it is recalled the "blessed passion, resurrection from the dead and glorious ascension into heaven" of Christ Jesus.Moreover, the Eucharist is entrusted to the Church, Bride of Christ and everlasting repository of the Lord's memorial.The Eucharist is the pledge given to the Church by her Lord.Father Flores: These three dimensions of the Eucharist are inseparable.