Sermon on teen dating

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Sermon on teen dating - Cheeky zeb dating

On the other hand, seeking out wise friends who live right will bring about blessings.Proverbs -16 provides a compelling warning against befriending those who engage in sinful lifestyles.

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Biblical advice on choosing friends The book of Proverbs is full of instructions concerning how we can do well and become successful, including instructions on how we should choose our friends.

Besides the blessing of living in an intact Christian home, she had a positive group of friends at church and school.

Although everyone around her was certain she would attain her goal of becoming a veterinarian, everything changed when she started spending less time with her church friends in favor of a delinquent group at school.

This might sound like a strange question, but your friends have influenced you—for better or for worse—more than you think. After all, shouldn’t a Christian be willing to have anyone around as a friend?

Some argue that Christians should invite everyone into their circle of friends since Jesus Christ was inclusive during His earthly ministry.

The court made it clear to him that unless he found a new group of friends, this would not be his last visit to the jail cell.

Jennifer was a gifted, attractive teen who had everything going for her.

None of these three appreciated the importance of choosing good friends who would lift them up and make them better persons.

Being in a bad circle of friends influenced each of these defendants to abandon good judgment and make choices that led to the courtroom and, in some cases, jail.

He was convicted of the offenses and spent time in jail.

At that point, his life wasn’t ruined but his future was certainly tainted.

The collective testimony of these young defendants reveals that long before they were charged with an offense and brought before a judge, they made poor choices of friends.