Who is daniel day lewis dating

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Who is daniel day lewis dating

The Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis has made a commitment destined to break the hearts of a thousand female fans. In a private ceremony last week, the enigmatic and volatile star renounced the bachelor's life in a union of two famous literary names.

However, Day-Lewis had worked hard to keep the relationship under wraps and exploded in irritation when questioned about it at a press conference for The Crucible only days before the wedding ceremony.Everyone was fantastically happy and he's fantastically happy." The good thing about the wedding, which, it is understood, took place in the United States, was that the press had only discovered it afterwards, Ms Day-Lewis said."What was an incredibly private occasion managed not to be discovered by the press.As a result, the announcement that he is officially retiring has caused quite the stir in Hollywood.reports that “He is immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences over the many years.I need deep, deep quiet and a landscape too that I can be absorbed into.

So much of the work is in the process of aimless rumination in which things may or may not take seed.” Day-Lewis has since bought the additional 45 acres surrounding his home, to preserve his privacy.

He did it how he wanted to." Daniel Day-Lewis's personal and professional life has been a source of much conjecture ever since he came to fame portraying a gay punk in My Beautiful Laundrette (1985).

The highs have seen him feted in Hollywood, where he won an Oscar in 1990 for best actor for playing Christy Brown in My Left Foot.

But his side of the incident, which generated a great many column inches of press comment, was never publicly aired.

It is understood that he met Rebecca Miller while working on the screen version of The Crucible, which is due to open in the United States this week.

While refusing to give details, Day-Lewis's sister Tamasin Day-Lewis, a documentary and film-maker three years his senior, yesterday confirmed the wedding had taken place.