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I’ve never know Bobevans grave to taste as bad As the serving that I just purchased, I kept my though to myself then my wife made the comment that her biscuit and gravy was Nasty and that she wasn’t going to finish eating, It was confirmed that it wasn’t just me but we had been served a bad Item.

Now I do not want anything from this note, they did give us off for the steak, I think they should have given us both free meals and maybe coupons to come back a differant time.

Again I not looking for anything just wanted to let you know we will think twice about going back and never take anyone with us.

I hope this was just a very bad day and the help was short but still no excuse for any of it especailly on a Sunday when you know you will be so busy in Season.

Maybe I’ll find a more respectfull place to spend my hard earned money!!!!

Reply I have been a regular customer of bob evans in indiana and whereever i am traveling.

Maybe because we did not cause a scene or make a hugh deal out of it they thought it was ok.

Well let me tell you it was not…From seeing whatever crap was in my husband cup to the terrible food you should be ashamed .

The War of 1812 cut off the supply of British goods, stimulating American industry.

Today, Google, Apple, Bosch, Facebook, Uber, Nokia, Autodesk, and IBM are among 1,600 technology firms generating .7 billion in annual Pittsburgh payrolls.

On March 18, 1816, the 46-year-old local government became a city.

Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh) at the source of the Ohio River became the main base for settlers moving into the Northwest Territory.

Both the Colony of Virginia and the Province of Pennsylvania claimed the region under their colonial charters until 1780, when they agreed under a federal initiative to extend the Mason–Dixon line westward, placing Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.