Who is dating jennifer lopez

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Who is dating jennifer lopez

She declined to perform to take up "personal family time," but sources have taken that to mean she'll be spending time with Drake in Vegas. The singer, who dated Drake in a longtime on-again-off-again relationship, reportedly unfollowed Lopez on Instagram after this photo was posted.But it's still possible that the two aren't romantically involved at all—a source told the singer and rapper are actually making music together.

After Drizzy was spotted at JLo's Las Vegas residency show last week, the two later shared a selfie they snapped backstage.They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids.'Adding weight to the rumor is that the busy singer and actress found time Wednesday to 'like' an Instagram post by Rodriguez.'She seems excited,' a source told People.'He has been around her family and she really likes that he is a dad.It's amazing," the former New York Yankees player said while appearing on Rodriguez also said that his daily Face Time calls with his daughters have changed in that they now call more often and ask for the "Jenny From the Block" singer."Listen, I'll take anything I can get from my girls," he told Jimmy Kimmel.It's not Alex Rodriguez's baseball career or possible Hall of Fame induction that impresses his daughters.

His two girls, Natasha and Ella, are most impressed with their dad's girlfriend Jennifer Lopez."My daughters think of dad as a hero now for the first time."I don't think they've ever seen someone so tall."Like the kids, Kimmel was interested in the athlete's relationship status."All of your accomplishments on the field pale in comparison to dating Jennifer Lopez," the host said."They should clear out a special wing of the Hall of Fame for that—for that alone."He also said the celebrities' nicknames contributed to them being viewed as the perfect pair."Even just your nicknames A-Rod and J-Lo, it's like you were meant to be together," he said. The Scottish DJ split with Taylor Swift in late May, and has been linked to a few stars, including singer Tinashe and Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez.However, ever since Harris attended Lopez's birthday party back in June, things have gotten romantic. "There's epic chemistry between them." Right now, Lopez and Harris are trying to convince people that they're working on a secret project together.This coupling, however, doesn't seem as out-of-the-blue as others.

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